Business Opportunities

 At KB Consulting & Wellness Group we offer a wide range of consulting opportunities available to your organization. We can create and tailor any consulting opportunity to your organization. Below are some of the available opportunities.  

Business & Strategic Planning

The success of an organization begins with strategy and lots of planning. The vision, mission, goals, and objectives have to be robust to help with the success of  the organization. ​

  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and competitive gap analyses

  • Prioritizing goals, and developing action items

  • Creating a business plan and implementing it by using a timeline

  • Identifying challenges and solutions

Culture Training  

Culture, is an organization collective behaviors, A culture that cultivates and inspires performance allows companies to become top performers. KB Consulting & Wellness Group approach help identify and define your organization's purpose, core values, and help inspire positive behaviors to foster extraordinary results.  

  • Evaluate and create a plan for culture within your organization

  • Activate and develop Leadership in individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Training Programs (Healthcare DHHS Requirement)

Mentorship & Coaching Programs

Organizations that provide opportunities for their employees to be part of mentorship & coaching programs are setting themselves up for success and have the opportunity to shape and mold their own opportunity for leadership 

  • Create and evaluate objectives

  • Activate and develop Leadership in individuals, teams and organizations.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs give employees and opportunity to create healthy behaviors to help them live healthier lives. This in return will provide your organization with a more productive and happy employee.  We tailor our wellness programs to your organizations needs.  

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